What Kind Of Exercise Helps Get Rid Of Man Boobs?

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A few days ago I received a facebook message from a childhood friend who needed some advice for her son. She said, “Hey Steve. I am hoping you can help me out. My 14-year old is a tad overweight. He gets picked on at school and is very self-conscious. He has “man boobs” as I call them. Is there any type of exercise that can help out in this area? He really wants to get in better shape.”

What Kind Of Exercise Helps Get Rid Of Man Boobs?

This was my reply:

“Good morning. I’m sorry to hear your son is going through this challenge! What I would recommend is enrolling your son in a self-defense class like boxing, karate, jujitsu or some other form of self-defense skill. I use the word skill because that is true to what they are. What your son would develop is:
  1. More confidence to stand up for himself and or do not care what others think of him.
  2. Total body conditioning so he could lose some weight and build more muscle tone so he’s less self conscious.
  3. Finally, he might need to kick someone’s ass or at least intimidate them when he gets made fun of. Bruce Lee said, “The best fight is no fight.” But sometimes you have to scare someone into thinking you’re going to kick their ass. He needs to have the confidence, strength, and permission to stand up to these kids.  All it takes is one time for him to scare someone, hit someone so they know not to mess with him, and they’ll never make fun of him again. It’s sad, harsh, but it’s true. They’re boys and boys will be boys.

But you want to avoid a fight if possible and that’s why I believe enrolling him in a martial arts program can help solve the challenges he faces. The skills will also carry over into other areas of his life, including doing better in school, he can make new friends at these classes who won’t make fun of him, and he will learn disciplined. On top of all these great benefits, he will learn a skill that is cool for life.

However, if this is not possible, he could do push-ups, chest presses, total body conditioning like HIIT program, Tabata or even CrossFit for kids. You should also help him with his diet. I recommend  Paleo or Mediterranean Diet.  He should start doing some immediately to feel good and take advantage of the summer time off from school. He could come back to school with a new attitude and be in a better state of mind to brush off these bullies.”



What advice would you have given? I am interested to know what you think.

Please leave your answer or comments when you click on the post in the comments section.

Your health and fitness coach,

Steve Jordan

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