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A Life Dedicated To Helping People Live With Optimal Health & Fitness.

Steve Jordan

I am Steve Jordan and I help transform the lives of people just like you who want or need optimal health and fitness to live their best life. In the last few years our world was changed forever during the COVID-19 pandemic. There were many lessons learned from the shared experiences of billions of people around the world. There were so many conflicting reports of vaccines, masks, and other health related topics that confused most of us. But there was one things that all experts around the world were able to agree upon and still do years after, “Your health is your wealth”. Therefore, having optimal health and fitness gives you a much greater opportunity to survive COVID-19 and the viruses or diseases that are plaguing people around the world. Making the choice to whatever it takes to live your life with optimal health and fitness should be a non-negotiable! You don’t drive your car without a seatbelt, even though you know it may or may not save your life in a bad car accident. It’s a calculated insurance policy that you must take!

For the first time in my twenty-five plus years as a health and fitness coach I am sharing the health and fitness secrets that I use with the most influential people in the world including White House politicians, A-list celebrities, professional athletes, and some of the wealthiest people in the world including billionaires on the Forbes list. I don’t say this to impress, but what I am doing is to impress upon you that the people who can hire anyone, work with me because I have something invaluable to share with them and have been able to produce extraordinary results. If you think this a gimmick or this can’t work for you, please read on and learn more about me and you’ll see my passion to help people like you regardless of what challenges you are faced with. I have overcome some incredibly challenging times in my life using the same secrets I will teach you, if you just open your heart and your mind. I hope you read on, but if you choose not to, please don’t give up! It’s never too late, your problems are never too bad and your hurdles are never too big. Life is worth living and you deserve to live it and love it!

I am living my dream and love waking up everyday knowing that my purpose is to not only help individuals live with optimal health and fitness, but to impact families, friends, communities, and the world in a positive way. When you have optimal health and fitness you feel better, have more energy, give more, create more, share more, and just all around be more. In doing so everyone gets to benefit from it. Isn’t that what life should be all about?

The Roadmap to A New You

Follow The Steps

If you want to be fit, move better, live pain-free, age gracefully, or make significant improvements in your health to live your best life, this book is for you.

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Who is Steve Jordan?

With a career path made for movies, Steve Jordan was launched into the world of health and fitness by rehabilitating himself after a traumatic brain injury in 1994. His holistic approach using his mind and body created a miraculous recovery that Dr’s and people are in awe of. Steve found his passion in this life-changing experience to create miracles in other people through health and fitness.

Steve’s professional success has opened up opportunities to be featured in dozens of media platforms including Dr. Oz, The Today Show, The Tyra Banks Show, Oxygen, NBC, ABC, E!, Bodies the Exhibition, Men’s Fitness, Self, Fitness, and much more.

Health & Fitness Services

Private In-Person Training
Detailed and effective in-person workout plans and training sessions tailored to your specific needs and fitness goals

Home Gym Design
A home gym, which is both visually appealing and fully-functional, makes the prospect of a workout far more enticing

Public Speaking
Engaging, dynamic, relatable, and authentic speeches for audiences, both small and large, to help improve health and fitness

Private Virtual Coaching
Live, one-on-one sessions hold you accountable and offers you the flexibility to train on your own time

Virtual Classes
Virtual fitness classes are an amazing resource for anyone who wants to prioritize their health from anywhere, at any time

Fitness & Wellness Retreats
Achieve your fitness goals surrounded by supportive people and professionals that can help you get there

What Clients Are Saying

"My Bro’..Steve,…….You seem to have it all goin’ Dawg….like Sinatra used to tell Basie & I in Vegas, “Live Every Day Like it’s Your Last & One Day You’ll Be Right”…..go for it My Brother!"
Quincy Jones
Music Mogul
"Steve Jordan is in a league of his own. He’s what I call a “trainer extraordinaire,” and trust me, I’ve worked out with hundreds of trainers across the globe and can honestly say NO ONE compares to Steve. Steve’s knowledge and understanding of the body sets him apart from anyone I’ve ever trained with."
Colin Cowie
Lifestyle Guru
"Steve thinks about physical training more like an artist than most traditional trainers. He creates a custom program for you taking bits and pieces from many disciplines. He helped me prepare for Malibu Triathlon and for the first time in my triathlon career I placed in my division. The results speak for themselves!"
Rocco DiSpirito
Celebrity Chef

Steve's Podcast:
The Steve Jordan Experience

Featuring interviews with top experts, those who have made health & fitness change permanent, and coaching tips I use with the world's most influential people I have had the privilege to train.

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