Play Better Tennis With Pro Daniela Celi Ep 16

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According to a poll taken in 2012, tennis was the 4th most popular sport in the world, behind soccer, cricket and hockey. The latest research in the U.S. shows that overall tennis participation rose 1% to 17.9 million players last year.

With the rise of tennis, there’s naturally going to be a rise in injuries associated with playing this fast, agile, and fun game. Whether you’re a recreational player, elite level or beginner this podcast will:

1. Give you solutions to prevent injuries.
2. Provide exercise program examples to help you play better.
3. Learn what life lessons you might walk away with playing the game.
4. Find a pro who will best serve your needs, wants, and abilities.

About Daniela Celi

Daniela comes from Florida where she grew up playing competitive tennis in the heat of the sun. A tennis scholarship brought her to the Big Apple, NYC where she played for Queens College Women’s Tennis Team. Her Career at QC was very successful – ranking 19th in the East, and leading her team to qualify for 4 consecutive National Championships for NCAA Division II.

Daniela has 11 years of experience as an instructor, coaching children and adults of all levels at various prestigious clubs.  She has coached at The Meadow Club of Southampton, The River Club of NY, The Palisades Recreation Center, Queens College Tennis Center, and Red Bug Lake Park. She has also taught private families in the Hamptons, NY and has private clients in Marina Del Rey, CA where she currently resides.

Daniela’s coaching style is diverse and caters to the needs of every individual student.

For lessons or more info on private tennis coaching, Daniela can be reached at

Find her on Instagram @deeceli


Your health and fitness coach,

Steve Jordan


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