The Senior Games

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The Senior Games
It’s never too late to start!

The Senior Games

Do you ever say to yourself, “If only I were younger I would…….(fill in the blank)?” No matter how old you are, there’s that little voice in your head wishing you had taken better advantage of your youth or to engage in competitive, fun, challenging, adventurous and rewarding activities. I think we all get “hung up” on our age to some degree, especially once you hit your thirties. I hear it all the time and I typically spring into coaching mode and say something like, “You can do anything at any age! Don’t be ridiculous!” But sometimes I don’t practice what I preach or take my own advise.

On February 3rd I will be turning 42 years old, or as I like to say, “42 years wise”. And I hear myself saying, “Wow I’m getting up there. I don’t recover the way I used to.”  Or “I don’t want to push myself too hard because I am concerned about the risk of injuring myself.” True statements, but they don’t have to hold me back from being my best self and the age I am at, now or later!

I received a video link yesterday from a childhood friend of mine Kesshann, who I played high school football with. And actually, we played our last game against each other from rival schools, Johnson vs. Brearly New Jersey on Thanksgiving Day. They beat us, but I had a great game with a touchdown and from what I remember, Kesshann did too. So no regrets there!

There’s No Age Limit To Compete

The video was shot for the health club Equinox, which happens to be the gym I have been a long-standing member of, which highlights a group of senior citizens competing in what is called “The Senior Games”. “The Senior Games”  are a series of events one would see in the Olympics including, sprinting, long distance running, discus, javelin, high jump and hurdle to name a few that both men and women compete in. It was OUTSTANDING! I mean to see the determination of people who were may have been ex-athletes and many whom had never done any athletic endeavor before until they decided that competing would keep them healthy and fit both mentally and physically during retirement.

Words can not do this video justice! So I am going to turn it over to these brave and courageous senior athletes in this link who will motivate, inspire and educate you on why “It’s Never Too Late To Be Healthy and Fit”.

Yours in health and fitness,

Steve Jordan

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