The Importance of Nutrition and Sleep for Building Muscle

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There is a method of building muscle, and it involves more than pumping iron. It also involves good nutrition and the correct amount of sleep. To build muscle mass, Sports dietitian Chloe McLeod claims that you will have to increase your food intake. “You can gain muscle strength simply through exercising the muscles more,” McLeod explains. Then he adds: “But usually to gain muscle mass, what you need to do is up to your calorie intake.” Translation: Eat more for bigger gains.

Don’t Be Afraid To Eat

If you don’t eat enough, your body won’t have the energy it needs to grow or build muscles. Nutritionist Malina Linkas Malkani told Insider: “When you consume fewer calories than you burn, the body breaks down muscle as a source of energy.” Ergo, you need to eat adequate protein and enough carbohydrates. By doing so, your body won’t turn to protein as an energy source.” The rule of thumb is to consume more calories than you burn. But that doesn’t mean you can eat everything your heart desires. On the contrary, you need to eat healthily. You will have to make sure that your diet contains food that will help you build muscle.

Benefits Protein

Malkani and McLeod recommend a diet built on protein. Thus, you will have to eat lots of chicken, seafood, beans, eggs, and dairy. In the same Insider feature, registered dietitian Andy Bellatti explains that protein is vital for muscle building. The reason for this is because it is made up of amino acids that “help build and repair muscle tissue.” And as your average Joe, Mark Webster found out, it definitely pays to eat when it comes to muscle building. Webster tried out the diet plan of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson for a full month. Plus, he trained like the real-life Hercules. The end result was surprising. He only gained one pound in 30 days. He went from 206 lbs to 207 in this time span. But he had gained a solid amount of muscle mass. Webster actually looked leaner. His transformation proves that you can build muscle without adding unwanted weight. That is if you are exercising right and eating healthy.

Why Sleep Is Important

Just as crucial to muscle building is sleep. It is during this time that the body is able to build muscle most efficiently. When we’re asleep, there is less energy consumption. This means the body can use the food it has eaten during the day to repair muscle damage and build new muscle tissue. Moreover, natural growth hormones are released during sleep. These hormones enhance muscular recovery and regeneration. A certain LeBron James knows the value of sleep all too well. The King averages 12 hours of shut-eye a day. Compared to the national average of 6.8 hours, the 33-year-old spends half of his day asleep. The results are undeniable. He has a chiseled physique and his on-court performance is peerless. Second on Ladbrokes’s highest earning sports stars list, James, of course, has the luxury of being able to invest on his body. He reportedly spends $1.5 million a year on his fitness and wellbeing. But even then, the tenets that keep one of the world’s finest athletes in tiptop shape are old-school. These are: eat right, train hard, and sleep well.

So, is there a method for building muscle? Of course, there is! And now that you know it, you might as well construct your own home gym so you can train in the comforts of your own abode. You can check out our “5 Must-Have Pieces of Equipment for Home Gym” post for a handy guide on the pieces of equipment you will need.

Clearly, the time for big gains is now!

Your health & fitness coach,

Steve Jordan

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