H & F Education Talk With NASM Mike Fantigrassi: Ep 17

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Mike Fantigrassi is currently the Director of Education at the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). Mike Graduated from the Florida State Unervisty and earned a Masters In Exercise Science. Mike has over 20 years of fitness education, experience, and a well-deserved fitness career. He’s been featured in and written articles for Men’s Journal, Washington Post, and Muscle Mag. And has also been a Master Trainer for the NASM for over 8 years, a fitness manager for 24hr fitness and a nutrition coach.

In our interview, Mike and I talk about the challenges the fitness industry faces today and in the future. He gives advice on how to be prepared when you have to stay at work late, or when life throws a curve ball into your schedule and derails you from getting to your workout. His insights and experience in the health and fitness industry give this interview the foundation to your success and so much more.


Your Health and Fitness Coach,

Steve Jordan

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