Kelli Tennant: Helping Women Heal / Ep 45

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Former TV Host for the Lakers and Dodgers, Kelli Tennant has dedicated her life to helping women heal from the inside out from chronic illnesses Eastern medicine cannot fix. During Kelli’s collegiate volleyball player career at USC, she started to feel sick and tired, literally. After being sick for 14 years and finding a path in homeopathic medicine, Kelli was finally able to create optimal health and wellbeing. This incomprehensible experience of health challenges and seeking help from hundreds of practitioners allowed her to create a proven protocol that she uses to offer her client’s the same healing powers.
In this dynamic and fun podcast interview, Kelli and I talk about her life’s purpose and passion. Enjoy topics of discussion including:
  • Leaving behind a great career as an ESPN broadcast to follow her passion of health and wellness
  • Finding the courage to be authentic in the face of criticism 
  • Stepping into your own power
  • Channeling your spirit through plant-based medicine 
  • Being the outlier
  • And so much more…
Follow Kelli on her podcast Ceremony Wellness or follow her Blog
She can also read more about her online programs and offerings on her website:

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