Become Your Own Best Healer With Dr. Edith Chan/ Ep 46

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The revolutionary new formula for creating true vibrant health. Become your own best healer! superwellness steve jordan Dr Edith Chan

What if “Eat Right and Exercise” is not the key? Has our world made health & wellness far too difficult, expensive, and complicated? What if the best tools are free, simple, and abundantly available? What common assumptions have derailed us, rather than helped us, on our quest for health and healing?

Based on 15 years of professional experience and a lifetime of research, Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan can help answer those questions and more. Her new book SUPERWELLNESS debunks some of the greatest myths about our health; myths that have dogged us causing unnecessary frustration, pain, and suffering for far too long. Backed by science and clinical trials, the book presents a truth far more empowering than we’ve ever been told by Western health practitioners and enables readers to “choose their own health adventure”.

Inside readers will discover:

·  A bold new world, where getting healthy is fun, joyful and require zero deprivation.

·  A world where the most vital healing tools are free, simple, and readily available to everybody

·  Steps we can take to become stress-free, get the best sleep, lose those pesky pounds without dieting, heal faster, look radiant, have amazing energy, and enjoy more quality time with friends and family

·  6 keys of H.E.A.L.T.H. and how to activate them to experience joy, health, and wellbeing as a natural byproduct.

Weaving together cutting-edge science, ancient wisdom, and clinical experience, this new book will enable readers to break free of the old limiting paradigms. More than a book. It’s an interactive journey. It’s a revolution. A movement.


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