Positive Mind Set – Special Mind Set With My High School Football Coach Milt Theodosatos / Ep 44

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“If you are going to be a motivator you have to be a communicator.” Vince Lombardi
Coach Milt Theodosatos Steve Jordan I AM Healthy and Fit
Coach Milt Theodosatos
In every person’s life, there should be someone who stands out as a role model or the person who helped you to see life in a new light. This person could be an outstanding teacher, coach, parent or neighbor. 
For me, one of these people in my life was my high school football coach, Milt Theodosatos. Coach Theo was someone who helped me to see more greatness in myself and achieve what only a few could have the privilege of experiencing as a captain, scarlet hand member, and all-conference honors. 
Coach Theo not only helped me to become a great player and leader on the football field, but he also gave me some life long lessons to get through the toughest of times. I know he can help do the same for you!
He has been called the “turnaround coach” by his peers and scholastic influencers because his track record to turn around losing football organizations into championship teams in only a few years. 
Milt Theodosatos didn’t only do it with his football intelligence and play strategies of X’s and O’s. No, he turned around these teams and players with his ability to communicate and his ability to sell. 
Among his incredible accolades as a football coach, Milt Theodosatos is the author of two books that are worth adding to your home library.


Why another book on MINDSET and how this book can help you? If you are someone who wants to become a better CEO, a better Coach, a better Leader. Do you want to be a better parent or friend or partner? Or are you are a regular person who wants to make yourself better or healthier? Is it important for you to make a difference in your life? Then this book can present information to you that may be different from the ordinary books on the subject of self-improvement. Information that Coach Theo learned over the last 70 years of his life as a person, husband, father, and coach.
To improve your skills as a football coach then you would benefit from his other book:
Coach Theo shares his rich history of coaching, his wisdom of life on and off the field, and his uncanny ability to sell greatness.
It was an honor to be able to reconnect with someone whose lessons under his coaching helped to shape me to be the man I am today.
Follow him on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/milt.theodosatos
Your health and fitness coach,
Steve Jordan


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