How To Recover From A Long Thanksgiving Weekend

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How To Recover From A Long Thanksgiving WeekendHow To Recover From Thanksgiving Weekend Steve Jordan

It’s Monday morning and you are feeling the Monday Blues. Well, it’s no wonder. You ate more and had a variety of food on Thanksgiving Day. You probably had leftovers Friday, Saturday and maybe even Sunday. And you laid on the couch to binge watch your favorite Netflix shows. Don’t worry or stress too much over it. I did some of that too. According to a research article in Time magazine, being lazy from time to time is actually good for your health. 

At this point, it’s all about getting back on track. So, instead of starting your day wallowing in self-pity or shame, eat a clean breakfast, lunch, and dinner full of whole ingredients containing healthy fats, protein, and produce, and steer clear of any processed foods. Get outside even if it’s a little chilly where you live or work to move your body to start your exercise momentum. There are 5 weeks until the New Year so you can make a lot of gains by creating a routine and a goal.

If your pants were feeling a little bit tighter this morning, the worst thing to do is skip any meals. To optimize your metabolism, you want to eat the right kind of foods (protein, vegetables, water) and eat plenty. Trying to drastically cut back on calories will only leave you with a large appetite and in all likelihood, another bout of overeating.

If you’ve had at least 4 days off from working out, I strongly recommend starting slower than normal. Most people start from where they left off. That’s not a smart idea. You have to reboot your mind and body to prevent any injuries or setbacks. Yes, even 4 days off can set you up for injury if you start too aggressive. Use common sense.

In conclusion, the best way to sidestep all the pain and suffering you might be feeling this morning is to avoid overeating or being too lazy in the first place. Sure it can feel like you are missing out, but there’s no better feeling than feeling healthy and fit. It’s worth it. Christmas is around the corner, so get yourself prepared to do it better than you did on Thanksgiving.

Your Health & Fitness Coach,

Steve Jordan

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