Essential Oils For Health With Dr. Eric Z. / Ep28

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Essential Oils For Health With Dr. Eric Z. / Ep28

Dr Eric Z Steve Jordan


The author of the National Bestseller, The Healing Power of Essential Oils, Dr. Eric Zielinski has pioneered natural living and Biblical health education since 2003. Knowing what it’s like to be sick from a young age and having recovered from several chronic diseases in his early 20s, he has been on a mission to share the evidence-based approach to natural living that empowered him to regain control of his health with the world. Trained as an aromatherapist, public health researcher and chiropractor, Dr. Z is an accomplished researcher with several publications and conference proceedings.

The Health Crisis

We are in an absolute health crisis. There’s no other way of saying it. The volume of toxins we ingest—through prescription drugs, cleaning products, polluted air, our food supply… they’re killing us! The number of people affected by chronic disease continues to climb unchecked and, for the first time in the modern industrial era, parents are soon expected to outlive their children. Having been failed by the current medical model, an astonishing number of people are “going back to nature.” Millions are investigating natural solutions to their health problems, and essential oils keep coming up again and again. Why? Because they work! Essential oils are exceptionally therapeutic, though, discovering how to use them therapeutically will most likely leave you confused and frustrated.

In This Podcast

Dr. Eric Z. will share with you how to make your health a priority with the life-changing benefits of essential oils. Essential oils are the natural solution to everything from anxiety and depression to deep-seated inflammation. In this episode you will learn:

– The top 3 oils you should stock from Day 1.
– Proven techniques and tools you need to get started right away.
– Easy-to-implement daily practices you can follow to keep you on track.
– Fun lifestyle hacks
– Simple bedtime routines that harness the soporific effects of lavender.


Your Health & Fitness Coach,

Steve Jordan

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