Boxing Legend Sugar Ray Leonard / Ep 27

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Sugar Ray Leonard (@SugarRayLeonard) is one of the legendary sports icons of the 20th century whose very name epitomizes boxing and conjures the image of a champion. Having learned to box at the age of fourteen, Leonard’s illustrious career includes three National Golden Gloves titles, two Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) championships and the 1975 Pan-American Games crown. After winning a gold medal in boxing at the 1976 Olympic games, he turned professional to help his family defer mounting medical bills incurred because of his father’s illness. Blinding speed, tremendous power, and great charm turned Leonard into an immediate media favorite.
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A gentleman with an Iron Fist


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In this episode Ray answers these questions and many more:

  • How did you get into boxing?
  • What was it about boxing that attracted you?
  • How did you get the name, Sugar Ray?
  • Did you focus on going to the Olympics and turning pro?
  • What was your training style then? What does it look like now?
  • Who was your boxing mentor?
  • Did you use visualization training?
  • What’s the most important skill or lesson you learned from boxing?
  • How have you been able to leverage your boxing success into life?
Knock out!

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