Eat Healthy & Fit On The Road/ 5 To Thrive Fridays

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Eating healthy & fit on the road can be challenging. Here are my 5 tips to always have access to the foods that will fuel your body and mind.

  1. Research Your Options: Eating food in foreign locations is only challenging when you don’t know what’s available ahead of time. Do a little digging into your destination for restaurants, grocery stores, juice bars, or farmers markets.
  2. Keep It Simple: While you may not find the fanciest food everywhere you go, be sure to look for places where you can pick up fresh produce or easy-to-eat items you can prepare anywhere. You could always ask for a mealĀ modification at most restaurants. Choose meals that are higher in protein and packed with veggies. And ask to go light on the butter or oil.
  3. BYOF (Bring Your Own Food): Bring protein bars, nuts, powders, premade sandwiches, or steamed veggies. Moving around also makes your eating schedule off, so having something to snack on in between meals will help you make smarter and healthier choices because you won’t be so hungry. I like to pack steamed broccoli, Japanese sweet potato, and nuts when I am traveling far distances. But my all time favorite is a crunchy almond butter sandwich.
  4. H20 (water): Bring a bottle of water with you or buy bottles of water wherever you travel. Drinking water is always a good way to stay healthy and fit when food isn’t readily available or when you are hungry, but you don’t have anything to eat. My recommendation is to drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water per day.
  5. Don’t Give Up: If you have failed in a meal or if you had too much to drink or eat, don’t give up on being healthy and fit for the whole trip. Just pick up the next meal or day with healthy and fit options. “It’s not how hard you fall, it’s how quickly you pick yourself back up.”

Here’s a link to a CNN story on how to eat healthy on the road so you can find more resources and information on the subject.

Your Health & Fitness Coach,

Steve Jordan

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