Girls On Fire / Podcast Ep. 21

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If you missed the other day, here is another opportunity to hear the amazing stories of transformation on my podcast I AM Health & Fit episode Girls On Fire/Ep 21. This is a candid discussion about the process of transformation. Two extraordinary clients and friends who have transformed their health & fitness from the inside out share their incredible journey. This is a podcast listen you don’t want to miss out on!

Meet The Girls

Robin, a 64 yr old business executive, mother of 2, and wife lost a total of 91 lbs to reach her desired goal of 125 lbs. Her journey has been nothing less than extraordinary balancing her busy life. Robin is off her medications, she’s setting new strength records, and she’s inspiring everyone she comes into contact with. There is no doubt you will be inspired and motivated by her transformation too.

Kaylah, a 28 yr old screenwriter and former swim athlete lost a total of 55 lbs to reach her desired goal of 150 lbs in exactly 1 year. Her incredible consistency of balancing work and life, she was able to lose an average of 1 lb per week for over the year. Kaylah recently climbed 75 stories at the Downtown, LA US Bank YMCA stair climb challenge. Finishing in the top 10% of woman and in the top 15% of all the 4000 participants was unthinkable a year ago. Kaylah lives pain-free from chronic neck pain and has balanced her hormone levels.

Both of these extraordinary women are on fire in their health & fitness pursuits. I am honored to have been their health & fitness coach during their transformation.

Girls On Fire Steve Jordan                                          

Before & After Robin  – 91 lbs                                                           Before & After Kaylah – 55 lbs


I hope you are inspired by these Girls On Fire!

Your health & fitness coach,

Steve Jordan

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