Transform To Transcend

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“Transformation is an ongoing process that tends to appear ordinary, when, in fact, something extraordinary is taking place.”   Suzy Ross

To transform is to make a thorough or dramatic change in the form, appearance, or character. To see someone transform is truly inspirational. But, can everyone have a similar result? The answer is… YES!

Transform To Transcend

Transforming as the quote above says is, “an ongoing process” and “extraordinary one”. This week I am proudly highlighting two extraordinary clients and friends who have ‘transformed to transcend’ their lives to be extraordinary on the I AM Healthy & Fit podcast this Wednesday. I wanted to create an opportunity with you to share some of the characteristics to create this metamorphosis. My wish is that you are inspired and motivated to create a transformation in your life on some level.

Down 91 lbs Transform To Transcend Steve Jordan

Robin, age 64 shown in this picture is a proud wife, a mother of two, full-time business executive and loves to travel. Robin was referred to me by a colleague just about 2 years ago with the goal of weighing 125 lbs which meant she had to lose losing 91 lbs. She achieved this goal a week ago in 20 months. Robin and I worked together for just over a year losing a total of 55 lbs. After a great opportunity for work forced her to relocate to Orange County, Robin found another trainer who helped her lose the additional 36 lbs and still continues to coach her along a healthy and fit lifestyle. Today, Robin is doing more than she ever thought imaginable in her fitness pursuits and is living the life she always dreamed of.

Down 55 lbs

Transform To Transcend Steve Jordan

Kaylah, age 28 is an up an coming screenwriter and entertainment entrepreneur who loves to compete. Kaylah came to me almost a year ago to the date where her goal was to lose 55 lbs. She also had chronic neck pain from writing for years that was debilitating and was suffering from a hormonal imbalance called PCOS. She had been on several diets and exercise programs in the past with little success, so she was very skeptical of my process. Slowly but surely she started to trust my coaching and began to take off more weight and live pain-free. Just a few weeks ago Kaylah lost a total of 55 lbs but also climbed to the top of the US Bank building in Downtown LA for a charity event. She finished in the 6% of all woman and 13% of over 3000 men and woman.

I am excited to share their story of transformation, the process to get there and quality of life they live today with you on my podcast tomorrow. Please tune in to hear and learn from their jounrey.


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Your health & fitness coach,

Steve Jordan


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