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The Flexible Chef – Nealy Fischer


Nealy, The Flexible Chef is a wife, mom of four, home chef, globe-trotter, yogi, teacher, and founder of The Flexible Chef. She helps clients ditch perfectionism and get flexible. She’s not talking about busting out into splits while your chicken is sizzling on the stove! What she really means by “flexible” is learning to let go, giving yourself a break more often, inhaling confidence, and bending the rules so you can live the life you crave both in and out of the kitchen.

After 25 years of experimenting with various restrictive diet and fitness fads—like the time she crunched her way through the cracker diet or sipped her way to skinny with the lemonade diet. She learned that living such a rigid life is exhausting. When your willpower is constantly tested, you’ll eventually find yourself elbow deep into a vat of cookie dough. Sound familiar?

In the interview, Nealy gives helpful tips on how to stay healthy & fit in the kitchen, when you travel and when you are managing a family.

Yours in health & fitness.
Steve Jordan



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