5 Minute Total Body Workout / 5 To Thrive Fridays

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Total Body Workout Steve Jordan 5 Minute Total Body Workout / 5 To Thrive Fridays

5 To Thrive Friday – Total Body Workout Edition is for those who find it challenging to make time for exercise when their life is incredibly busy. I experience what it’s like to be overwhelmed on a weekly basis, especially when I work with 10-14 people a day. As ideal as it would be to actually have time to go for a run, do a yoga class, hit the gym or sweat it out in your favorite workout class every day, it’s just not always realistic. That’s why incorporating this 5 To Thrive Friday – Total Body Workout Edition is the most efficient way to stay consistent without the stress of committing to an activity that’s going to cut into more of your time.

All or Nothing Mentality 

Having an all or nothing mentality when it comes to health & fitness isn’t always the best way to go about a balanced lifestyle, especially when your schedule doesn’t allow for lengthier sweat sessions on the regular. Be realistic with your time and schedule. It’s always best to just do something, even if you feel like it wasn’t enough. Seriously, the little things truly do add up in the long-term. According to a 2014 published study in The Huffington Post, How 5 minutes a day can Improve Your Health and Can Increase Your Lifespanthose few minutes can be incredibly effective when it comes to improving overall health & fitness. It can even help you live longer.

I know with absolute certainty you have five minutes a day and it’s easier when you have a program like 5 To Thrive Friday – Total Body Workout Edition. Give this five-minute program a try on those days when a long workout just isn’t an option.

5 Minute Total Body Workout / 5 To Thrive Fridays

Repeat this 2x for a total of 5 minutes.

High-Knee Jog in place for 30 seconds. NOTE: Keep your head up, core braced and pump your arms.

jogging in place






Arm Circles forward and backward for 15 seconds in each direction. NOTE: Palm facing down when going forward, palms facing up when going backward, and squeeze the shoulder blades.

shoulder circles

Standing Lateral Leg Raises for 30 seconds on the right and left leg. NOTE: Hold onto something stable as seen in the picture and keep your core braced.

Standing lateral leg raises

Lower Abdominal Single Leg Raises for 30 seconds. NOTE: You can bend your knees if keeping your leg straight puts too much stress on your lower back.

Lower ab leg raises

Yours in health & fitness,

Steve Jordan

Steve Jordan

With a career path made for movies, Steve Jordan was launched into the world of health and fitness by rehabilitating himself after a traumatic brain injury in 1994. His holistic approach using his mind and body created a miraculous recovery that Dr's and people are in awe of. Steve found his passion in this life-changing experience to create miracles in other people through health and fitness. Steve's professional success has opened up opportunities to be featured in dozens of media platforms including Dr. Oz, The Today Show, The Tyra Banks Show, Oxygen, NBC, ABC, E!, Bodies the Exhibition, Men's Fitness, Self, Fitness, Bodybuilding.com and much more.