Settle For More And Do Something Good

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Settle for more and do something good

Settle For More And Do Something Good

When you hear the word “settle” doesn’t it make you want to shrink in your seat or want to crawl up in a ball? I know it did for me until I started using this word in a different context. Rather than using the word settling with the meaning of with less or average, use “settle” with an empowering and positive meaning by adding two words on the end of it. “Settle For More“. Say it again out loud, “Settle For More“. It sounds good, doesn’t it! Sure it does. That’s because it is good and if you want more in your life, more in your health and more in your fitness, than this simple solution of rearranging words will have a massive impact in your life.

Listen up, you are outstanding! That’s right, you! But you have to believe you are. There is more in you than you know my friend. And the very fact that you are reading this blog post is a testament to your unwillingness to settle for less. You see growth is one of the 6 basic human needs according to Tony Robbins. Tony says, “If you are not growing, you’re are dying.”

And too often I experience the client who has the settle of less mentality, but hey that’s why am in business, to change peoples lives from the inside out. And I do a damn good job of it.  My star clients have clear and concise goals with realistic outcomes, but they too get stuck in a mindset of settling for less just your or I. I’ve never met anyone who didn’t. I’m a keen listener to certain words that tip me off and give me a clear picture whether or not someone is Settling For More. The words that I listen to give me clues and an opening to coach. Words like “try”, “I’m not” or “I can’t” are some of the more common words or phrases I hear. If you’re someone who is not settling for less than I am sure you are using these disempowering words too.

Two solutions I use with my clients and that you should too if you want to Settle For More:

  1. Change your language. Changing your language is one the easiest and most effective ways to Settle For More. The language we use daily can move you towards or away from your goals. Pay attention to the words you use, especially words like “I can’t, I’m not or try”. Change these words to “I can, I am or I do”. This simple strategy of changing your words will help you towards your goals.

  2. Write down your goals without a filter. What if you had no limits as to what you could achieve or how much you could grow. Imagine that a “Genie” granted you 5 minutes to wish for anything that you could think of. Set your timer on your phone or clock for 5 minutes and start writing these goals and visions down in a notebook or on a clean piece of paper. Write fast and don’t get caught up in analyzing or filtering them. Remember you can have or be anything you can think of.

After the 5 minutes is up please finish your last thought and put the pencil or pen down. Put this notebook or paper away until the next morning. Don’t look at it. Don’t peak at it. You can think about what you wrote, but don’t look at it. The next morning wake up and read those goals or desires out loud. Hear yourself saying what you wrote down. Envision yourself being what you wrote down. Take it all in. Keep an open mind. Don’t try and figure out how you’re going to get there. That’s not the purpose of this exercise. Put the notebook away. And repeat this process of reading these notes out loud every morning for the next 21 days.

At the end of the 21 days let me know if you’ve gotten closer to achieving these goals. If your goal was to be a millionaire and you only had $10 in your bank account, the chances are that you’re not going to be close to your goal. However, I would bet that you’ve thought up a few ways that can lead you towards being a millionaire or you’ve already implemented that plan. And if you did, I applaud you for taking massive action to Settle For More. And if you didn’t, that’s ok too. This exercise is not a magic bullet to get you on the fast track towards more. It is, however, an exercise to get your language and dreams in alignment for you to maximize your potential.

I’m a big believer in the power of peer influence. Hmmm, maybe that’s my next blog post. Well, either way, I believe that you should read, listen to, watch and mimic others who are doing what you want to be doing. I recommend reading Settle For More Meghan Kelly, the Anchor of the number one news show on cable, The Kelly File, Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly writes her much-anticipated book called, a revealing and surprising memoir detailing her rise as one of the most respected journalists working today. From the values and lessons that have shaped her career, to her time at the center of the chaotic 2016 Republican presidential primary, this book offers an inside look at an uncompromising woman’s journey to the top of the news business.

Settle For More my friends because your worth and you deserve it!

Yours in health & fitness,

Steve Jordan,

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