Office Stretches and Workout For Better Posture

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Office Stretches and Workout For Better Posture

Better Posture in the office

Let’s face it, your office doesn’t seem to be the most ideal place to get a workout in or to accomplish a quick program to keep your mind and body tuned up. That’s a limited way of thinking that will and is holding you back from having optimal health and fitness.

The truth of the matter is that is that it doesn’t take a gym, an aerobics studio or another fitness-focused location to keep you on track. It really boils down to the repetitions you get throughout your day, week, month and year that will ultimately create the results you desire.

I’ve created 7 of my favorite office exercises that will invigorate not only your body but your mind. These exercises focus on areas that become tight and weak due to the seated position. “Sitting is the new smoking” is the new phrase being talked about among health professionals. These simple, but effective exercises will help you combat the challenges of sitting like lower back or shoulder pain, poor circulation, low energy, lack of focus and motivation. Creating a daily routine will ensure your success. So the prescription is to perform these 7 exercises twice every day you are in the office, NO EXCUSES!

Click this link below Office Stretches and Workout For Better Posture for the complete workout with tips on preparation and movement for optimal benefits.

Office Stretch and Workout

Yours in health & fitness,

Steve Jordan

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