Rules For Eating Healthy & Fit / 5 To Thrive Friday

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5 Great Rules For Eating Healthy & Fit

plant based foods
Choose foods that are rich in color

Do you feel confused or overwhelmed by the confusing and contradictory information about nutrition that is all over the media? I’ve found the easier you keep it, the better off you’ll be to having more success in your health and fitness pursuits.  5 Great Rules For Eating Healthy & Fit is simple, it’s easy to remember and the foods are nutritious and appropriate for all types of people and populations.

Rule #1

Indulge in foods that are colorful. Red, purple, green, orange, yellow, blue are the magnificent colors of fruits and vegetables. Choose a variety of these intense colors each day and you’ll feel amazing! Here’s a link to vegetables and fruits vibrant in color

Rule #2

Limit or avoid the color white. Simple carbs such as white flour, pasta, rice, and potatoes act almost like sugar on your blood-sugar levels, sending them way up and then sending them way down. Over time this pattern can contribute to insulin resistance, Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and other serious chronic illnesses.

Rule #3

Don’t eat anything your grandparents didn’t eat or another way of saying this is, if it wasn’t here a thousand years ago, don’t eat it. This rule simply means that the healthiest foods are those that humans have been consuming since the beginning of time. Our ancestors didn’t eat foods that were processed, packaged or junk food, simply because they didn’t exist.

Rule #4

If you can’t pronounce the ingredients on a food label or if it sounds like it came from a chemistry lab, then avoid eating it. You can go blind by reading food labels and you need a Ph.D. in biochemistry to pronounce certain ingredients added to food to help improve taste, shelf life and even make you addicted to it. 

Rule #5

Eat mostly plants or foods that were grown from soil. Plant-based foods are less calorie dense than animal products, they are rich in fiber, vitamins, and other important nutrients. Filling your plate with more plant-based foods is a great way to start improving both your health and fitness.

Yours always in health & fitness,


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