Quick Tips To Improve Self-Awareness / 5 To Thrive Fridays

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Monday I wrote about the importance of self-awareness for success. My hope is that you’ve seen how practicing self-awareness can benefit you and prime you for success in any area of your life. Did you start journaling?  That’s ok if you haven’t because here are my quick tips to get you on track to a more aware you and journaling is the first step.

Quick Tips To Improve Self-Awareness

1. Journaling

I’ll say it again and again, journaling is probably the #1 way to become more self-aware. Recording your thoughts on paper helps to relieve your mind of those ideas, and clears it up to make space for new information and ideas. Take some time each night or morning to write in a j0urnal about your thoughts and feelings. Observe your successes and failures. This self-reflection will help you grow and move forward in your achievements. Take some time to think about your health and fitness to see if you’re optimizing your efforts.

2. Plan Goals On Paper  

Plan out your goals on paper so they turn from ideas into a step-by-step process. Break down your larger goal into mini-goals so it seems less overwhelming, and tackle it head-on.

3. Meditate 

Meditation can and will help self-awareness. Most types of meditation focus on being in the moment, but you can vary the form of meditation to fit your needs. It doesn’t have to be so strict. You can also find great clarity from regular moments of reflection. During your meditations, you may stop to think about some specific questions.

What is your goal?

What are you doing that is working?

What are you doing that is acting as a hindrance to your success?

How can you change your process to improve it?

4. 360 Test  

The 360 Test is a great way to find out more about you from the people in your life who know you best. We have to listen to the feedback from our peers and mentors, and let them play the role of an honest mirror. Alternatively, tell your friends that you are looking for open, honest, critical, and objective perspectives about yourself. Allow your friends to feel safe while they are giving you an informal yet honest view.

5Embrace your intuition

Cognitive science is beginning to demystify the strong but sometimes inexplicable presence of unconscious reasoning in our lives and thought. Often dismissed as unscientific because of its connections to the psychic and paranormal, intuition isn’t just a bunch of hoo-ha about our “Spidey senses” — the U.S. military is even investigating the power of intuition, which has helped troops to make quick judgments during combat that ended up saving lives. Practice using your intuition more and you’ll begin to feel more aware.

Your Health & Fitness Coach,

Steve Jordan

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