Noah Galloway An American Soldier Is Living With No Excuses / Ep 31

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Noah Galloway An American Soldier Is Living With No Excuses / Ep 31

Noah Galloway Steve Jordan No ExcusesYou might know him from Season 20 on Dancing with the Stars.

Or you might have seen him on the cover of Men’s Health which was the #1 most sold edition.

He’s the one who only has one arm and one leg.

He lost them in a horrible accident while serving as a soldier after 9/11.

Which led to a deep depression.

Since then he has turned into an incredible athlete, model, motivational speaker, and now author, just to name a few accomplishments.

But his first priority is his kids and family.

Noah is an outstanding example of what is possible when someone who is faced with ultimate adversity chooses to embrace the hardships and challenges and make something great from it.

I loved meeting Noah, hearing his keynote presentation, and interviewing him on this podcast. I felt like we were kindred spirits.

We talked about what it’s like to go through the emotional and physical challenges from a traumatic accident, how family and friends inspire you to overcome, to not be able to do the job you love and to face emotional and physical pain.

And we talked about so much more.

I can’t wait for you to listen to his story!Noah Galloway Steve Jordan No Excuses

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How girls motivated him to stay in shape.
  • How a breakdown can be your breakthrough.
  • Why his kids and family are his #1 priority.
  • How Noah and his dad bonded after his injury since his dad is missing a hand as well.
  • The story of how Noah stayed in Alabama with his kids during Dancing with the Stars.
  • How he manages the challenges of dealing with vanity and fame.
  • How his kids were his inspiration to get out of depression and he leads with an example.
  • Plus much more…


Your Health & Fitness Coach,

Steve Jordan

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