Look Better In Just 10-Minutes A Day

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Look Better In Just 10-Minutes A Day

Doesn’t it seem like there’s never enough time in your day to fit everything in? Especially your workouts. In fact, the biggest complaint that I’ve heard in my career is, “I don’t have enough time!” Look, I get it! The demands of life are real. You have family, friends, work and a grocery list of to do items that require your time.

Your workouts don’t have to be long drawn-out affairs to be effective or for you to get the benefits you desire. When done right and with appropriate intensity, a 10-minute workout can be an incredibly effective way to work up a sweat, get your heart pumping, and get your muscles working. Plus, when you compare 10 minutes of working out to zero minutes of working out, 10 minutes is always better!

Look Better In Just 10-Minutes A Day 

Steve Jordan HIIT

Fit Tips:

  1. This workout can be modified to fit your fitness level. Focus on minimizing your rest if you’re looking for a challenge.
  2. Not every workout needs to leave you drenched in sweat.
  3. Tailor this workout to your fitness level or based on how you’re feeling on any given day. Some days, the high-intensity option might be the way to go, and other days your body might be telling you to not go as hard.
  4. This heart-pumping workout will leave you feeling energized and sweaty!

Your health & fitness coach,

Steve Jordan

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