Boost Your Immune System and Sex Life With Deer Antler with Dr. Bruce Fong

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Dr. Bruce Fong was introduced to natural medicine and homeopathic medicine as a young child and continues with that tradition today. He has followed in the family’s footsteps of medicine and is rooted in the belief that we must heal and prevent human disease and suffering. Optimal health may be achieved by determining and remedying the root cause of illness.

Dr. Fong has been at the forefront of alternative therapies for immune-related diseases, including special treatment plans which combine the best options from a broad array of homeopathic, Chinese, and traditional medicine.

As Medical Director at Sierra Integrative Medical Center, Dr. Fong is focused on solving root causes, not treating symptoms or masking issues entirely with symptomatic-based pharmacologic therapies.

Deer Antlers Benefits Include:

– Promote a powerful immune system

– Helps promote weight loss

– Helps build lean muscle and strength 

– Helps boost IGF-1 levels naturally

– Helps boost sex drive

– Helps promote health and flexible joints

– Helps improve endurance 

– Helps support anti-aging


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