Why Diets Fail and How You Can Be Successful with Dr. David Prologo

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Dr. David Prologo (MD, FSIR, ABOM-D) is a dual board-certified interventional radiologist and obesity medicine specialist, who has spent his career advocating for passionate patient care. He advocates for love, empathy, and understanding – specifically for those patients struggling to lose weight or experiencing pain.

Dr. Prologo is the author of The Catching Point Transformation which is available everywhere and in almost every language and format. The Catching Point Transformation is founded on humanizing those who struggle with weight loss and offering a new way.

Dr. Prologo’s work further led to the identification of the catching point—a clear pivot point beyond which calorie restriction and exercise are easier for patients. This debut narrative non-fiction focuses on the following main points:

• Obese and overweight patients have a host of variables that block them from losing weight on their own. These cannot be overcome with “willpower.” (metabolic changes, hunger hormones, adiposopathy, gut microbiota, and exercise capacities).

• Every static diet schedule ignores these variables and drives the overweight/obese person straight into a wall every time. This is why the failure rate with these programs is so high.

• The Catching Point Transformation pays direct attention to managing these blocks, shifts right around them, and delivers the patient a NEW OUTCOME.

• How? By inducing internal body restructuring with changes harnessed during recovery. Literally changing the person into another person who doesn’t struggle with clean living. Recovery cannot be written into a static program and to date has been ignored. It requires an understanding of biofeedback variables, individuality, fluidity, supplementation, and adding in diet components.

• The final chapters talk about medical interventions that are available in 2021/2022.

Beyond his new book, Dr. Prologo’s research has established percutaneous cryo-neurolysis (freezing of nerves with imaging guidance) as a novel treatment for cancer patients with pain, a new option to block hunger for those wishing to diet, in the management of phantom limb pain for injured veterans, and even for treatment of premature ejaculation in men (further proving that mind over matter is nonsense).

• The hunger nerve is freezing. This blocks hunger and allows people to diet. It also underpins and supports the claim that “mind over matter is bulls$%#.” Dr. Prologo was the first on the planet to do this procedure (first revealed on the Megyn Kelly Show). Dr. Prologo has generated additional research and follow-up regarding this procedure, which has not been released to Media yet, but we can discuss it.

More about Dr. Prologo

• Chair of the SIR Pain Management Council, Consultant to Boston Scientific and Varian [and others], invited speaker and writer around the world, invited editor to prestigious journals on the topic of freezing and killing cancer.

• Congress has asked him to debrief the United States on multiple occasions regarding these techniques as alternative opioids.

• Dr. Prologo was the first boots on the ground in East Africa to develop and bring interventional radiology to hundreds of millions of people otherwise dying from things solved here as an annoyance.

• Real amateur MMA career and jiujitsu with muay thai training experience. (trained at Strongstyle [same gym as Stipe Miocic)

• Has been recognized nationally and internationally for his work, including features on The Today Show, in the Washington Post, on Capitol Hill, numerous peer-reviewed journal publications, countless web-based invited expert articles, and much more.

• Fat-shaming: a proclamation that fat-shaming is the last accepted prejudice.

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