Adaptable Mindset with Robert Overweg

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Robert Overweg is the Founder of Adaptable Mindset. He helps people, teams, and organizations to develop adaptability, to spot new ideas, be open to them, and learn about ways to put those ideas into reality faster.

With us experiencing our world rapidly changing and feeling the impact of unpredictable events to which we have had to adapt, Robert teaches how that adaptability is about empowerment and possibilities.

The Adaptable mindset program has been applied at several fortune 500 companies, SME’s, and supports over a thousand students and solopreneurs.

Robert has over a decade of experience in innovation and digital transformation with clients like Vodafone, Liberty global, eBay, Heineken, a variety of startups, and innovative schools.

He is also an artist and exhibited at the Centre Pompidou and the media biennial in Seoul.

As a frequent speaker at institutes like MIT, SXSW, and the European Commission. Robert speaks about ways to use tech to work smarter and add value to the world.

It’s Robert’s goal to empower people to live a life full of possibilities.

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