A Better Way To Lose Weight with Shannon Shearn & Liz Dickinson

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Shannon Shearn, COO

As a critically acclaimed circus acrobat and elite athlete, Shannon did what it took to maintain the weight to look the part, no matter how unhealthy the path to get there. This led to disordered eating – a common issue in the world of professional athletics – and a loud inner critic who constantly told her she was never thin enough, never small enough, and never quite good enough, either. When she became a mother, her struggle with “bouncing back” and weight gain contributed to her feelings of failure at this new chapter in life, which led to depression and an inability to be fully present for herself, her life, and her family. She needed to make a change to save her life and reclaim her happiness, so she embarked on the journey of redefining what it meant to live fully and win in the ways that matter most. Shannon rose to a place of sustainable health and self-love and began guiding her clients through the same journey with incredible and lasting results that didn’t feel like work, sacrifice, or suffering.

Liz Dickinson, CEO

Liz Dickinson is no stranger to the struggles that come with trying to lose weight. With each pregnancy, she gained stubborn weight that overstayed its welcome well beyond the baby’s due date. No matter how hard she tried, the weight would always come back. In 2000, Liz thought she had finally cracked the code with a strict regime of counting calories. To support this, she created the Mio watch, which calculates a daily net calorie balance by tracking food intake and calorie burn. Liz ranked #15 on the World’s Top 50 Game Changers in Wearable Technology by Wareable.com and Mio became world-famous; not as a diet product, but as the world’s first heart rate monitor without a clumsy chest strap.

Shannon and Liz united on the mission to bring a powerful, proven, and lasting solution to the weight loss industry, and Relish Life was born. As Chief Lifestyle Intervention Officer, Shannon personally works with Relish members to provide the support and accountability they need to thrive.

Check them out on Relish Life. Follow Relish Life on FacebookInstagramYouTube, and LinkedIn.

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