Cultivate Your Inner Warrior

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Kirsten Beverley-Waters is a Yoga Medicine teacher, fitness coach, author, and motivational speaker. Kirsten is known for using innovative movement methods to bring a modern approach to yoga’s ancient wisdom. Teaching movement through the lens of mental wellness, whole-body health, and spiritual groundedness, she helps others find their sacred body and soul connection.

Her work is a practice of cultivating your inner warrior, changing self-talk that does not serve us, and finding strength in our struggle. Sharing her experiences with cancer, mental health, and grief, Kirsten shares the power of harnessing our inner guru. Kirsten adds levity to the moments that grab hold of us the hardest and helps her students transform the weight into strength.

As a dynamic lecturer and speaker, Kirsten has been invited to teach and speak with students, educators, corporate leaders, yogis, and wellness enthusiasts on topics including unpacking community impact on personal wellness, affirming the power of your voice, and advocacy for mental health.

Kirsten has been featured in publications such as Shape Magazine, Maine Women’s Magazine, the Daily Burn, Yoga Medicine, Misadventures Magazine, Strategic Athlete, The Outbound Collective, and Yoga World.

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