Optimal Movement with Dr. Adelle Smener

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Dr. Adelle Smener holds a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Southern California and also holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree from the University of California, Davis. Adelle has extensive experience in sports and orthopedic settings, treating athletes of all ages and helping them get back on the field (or back into the gym!) through her focus on functional movement and corrective exercise techniques. She has close relationships with several orthopedic surgeons in the area and specializes in many non-operative and post-operative conditions such as ACL reconstruction, meniscus tears, osteoarthritis, labral tears, shoulder impingement, and low back pain. She utilizes a novel new technique, blood flow restriction (BFR) training, with her clients to build muscle and increase strength which allows for an accelerated recovery in the early stages of rehab. Adelle has continued to expand her skillset and thirst for growth by getting certified in Pilates via Polestar Pilates, taking doctoral students & new graduates under her wing as a clinical instructor and mentor, and is now pursuing her Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Certification (CSCS) to further develop bridging the gap between rehabilitation and performance.

As human beings, we only get one body to last us a lifetime, and it is of the utmost importance to give our body the quality care and attention it deserves. That’s why Adelle believes that focusing on one-on-one evidence-based movement re-integration, functional strengthening, and patient education is essential in providing long-lasting results and reaching your highest potential!

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