HAB. The Best Water Flavor Product On The Market

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Shane McCassy, The Founder and CEO of Hab has spent the last 17 years growing exciting startups and influential brands like Oakley, Amp’d Mobile, Muscle Milk, and Tone It Up. His experience has given him the privilege of launching national retailers, websites, mobile apps, and has commercialized more than 100 consumer products in the health and wellness space. During his 7 year tenure as Director of Marketing at Muscle Milk, their goal was to position protein as a lifestyle product and bring it to the masses like it hadn’t been before. As COO of Tone It Up he learned the power of community and the impact of a company aimed to do good.

During his 5 years with Tone It Up, Shane became much more aware of his own sustainability and began to eliminate plastic and single-use waste from his daily life. This lifestyle change and previous experiences led him to the idea behind Hab. He loved drinking water from his reusable bottle but would turn to a plastic bottle or aluminum can when he needed a little flavor. After too many days of seeing the pile of single-use waste, he thought, “There has to be a product that gives me the flavor I love without all the waste!” 

After finding no such products that fit his core values, he began the development of Hab. Hab’s guiding principles were simple; Let’s make water taste amazing, with a plastic-free supply chain, no single-use waste, and never any artificial ingredients. The solution is Hab’s naturally flavored bits, a dose-as-you-like tablet that pairs perfectly with your reusable bottle of choice, flat or bubbly. He hopes you all enjoy great tasting fruit-flavored water, sustainably.

In this episode:

– The importance of drinking water
– Sustainability and what that means in the water industry 
– Energy, focus, attention, and mood can all be related to drinking water
– Flavored water and how it can encourage you to drink more of it
– The background of HAB (HABIT) and creating a revolutionary product to flavor water

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