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Born and raised in Virginia, TJ moved to Manhattan in 2011 to begin his career at Goldman Sachs (on Wall Street). After a spiritual awakening and a decade-long journey of life transformation, he now uses his gifts in speaking and coaching to share lessons from his story.

His company, Loeffler International, offers highly customized individual and group coaching for authentic leaders who are navigating their own personal awakening. Using an innovative and holistic approach, TJ and his team seek to empower people on their journey by helping them identify the right mindset before deciding on a new strategy.

In this podcast we discuss:
– The importance of mindset in achieving any goal you want
– Creating barriers in life for ultimate freedom and fulfillment 
– The importance of honoring or loving oneself
– Asking questions like, “What would happen if?” and its importance to self-growth and discovery
– And so much more

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