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Dr. Ben Carvosso is one of Australia’s leading mindset coaches for business. Specifically, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Organisation Chiefs who are seeking greater work-life balance.
He believes that the pursuit of work-life balance is a losing strategy. So rather than constantly trying to balance work and life, which is exhausting and can be very painful, he helps his clients and their teams, find and achieve their life’s work
In spite of his clients presenting on the surface a host of challenges around Health, Relationships, Money, Career, Business or just Life itself, Ultimately they all just wanted to be busy-less, less-full and more full-filled.
In all cases, the battle for work-life balance came down to three losses that he talks about in this podcast:
1. Loss of clarity
2. Trust 
3. Willpower 
Enjoy the listen!
Pick up his latest book: LIFE CEO HERE


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