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Dr. Bryan Ardis is a chiropractor, acupuncturist, dad of 5, and a husband of 1 (Jayne). 
He has owned and operated for 15 years of a private practice both in TN and TX helping his patients heal their bodies from the inside out. His way of analyzing sickness and ailments of the body is completely different than most ever experience.
Because of his out of the box way of assessing and healing over 18,000 patients, he was asked to be a co-Founder and formulator for  
TruLabs is a supplement company that will enhance your life no matter what season of life you are in. The flavors will excite your taste buds while the minerals, vitamins, and herbs will help your body to live a healthy, vibrant, and active life so you too can live your best life.

In this episode you will:

  • Be Inspired by a story of an unbelievable recovery from a debilitating blood disease.
  • Learn what we eat and drink is key to having optimal health from the inside out.
  • Be motivated to take on new healthy and fit lifestyle habits that you can do today.
  • Educate yourself on the benefits of TruLabs supplements that can have for you.
  • And much more.


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