69. Dana Look-Arimoto: Work-Life “Balance” Is a Myth

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Work-Life Balance paints the ideal of the super-human who is able to have it all by doing it all. Well, reality begs to differ. Stop Settling® is a method, a mindset, and a movement that helps you understand who you are, what’s important to you, and make conscious choices about where you want to spend your time. It’s all about knowing how to Settle Smart.
The truth is It’s not about balance. It’s about harmonious integration powered by what it is that you really want!
Dana Look=Arimoto is Intellectually curious, passionate, and grounded in her intuition. She has always felt that it is in her DNA to understand and decode challenges around her. It is a core value that has served her well throughout her life.
Dana has spent decades of networking, managing, mentoring, and developing thousands of individuals and leadership teams, as well as founding her coaching company, Phoenix5, which has given her a wealth of experience when it comes to helping people master their faceted selves. It was these years of accumulated evidence that birthed the Stop Settling method, mindset, and movement. Stop Settling®. offers a sustainable alternative to the work-life balance myth through a simple composite stratagem/domain charting that frees you from giving in and giving up your sustainable success.

In this podcast we discuss:

– How to stop settling in your life 
– People all have the same 5 components to their life
– Balance is a dirty word
– Hold yourself to a higher standard and be accountable to others in that new standard
– The importance of self-care
And so much more juicy useful information to live a healthy and fit life.

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