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Your Fittest Future Self With Fitness Expert Kathleen Trotter

Your Fittest Future Self Kathleen Turner Steve Jordan Podcast I AM Health & Fit

Kathleen Trotter is a fitness expert who has positive energy and passion to help her followers “find their fit.” As a result, Kathleen is making BIG waves in the health and fitness space. 

Kathleen believes in:

  • Goals and Results
  • Self-compassion and holding yourself accountable
  • Being you, but working toward creating a you who has more healthy habits.
  • Most importantly, Kathleen believes in learning, growing, gratitude, and actively finding pockets of joy.
In this fun and dynamic interview, Kathleen and I speak the truths about helping you reach your fullest potential in health, fitness, and life.
Enjoy the listen and for more information on Kathleen’s programs and to order her latest book “Your Fittest Future Self’ go to:


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