The Back Relief Diet With Dr. Todd Sinett/Ep 30

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The Back Relief Diet With Dr. Todd Sinett/Ep 30

the back pain relief diet steve jordan podcast Back pain is the number one reason for job disabilities, the third most common reason for hospitalizations, and a driving factor in sufferers seeking risky surgeries and addictive pain medications. We have a pain crisis and yet most doctors are overlooking a simple, non-invasive, all-natural approach that has been proven to eliminate back pain — diet.


Could kale be causing your back pain? Maybe. In THE BACK PAIN RELIEF DIET: The Undiscovered Key to Reducing Inflammation and Eliminating Pain, Dr. Todd Sinett reveals the medical connection between what we eat, gut inflammation and muscular inflammation, resulting in back pain.

Diagnosing and eliminating the foods or combination of foods that are causing gut and muscular inflammation, can cure back pain — without drugs or surgery. And it’s not just “unhealthy foods,” that can cause inflammation: many otherwise healthy foods, even kale, can set off an inflammation cycle in patients. Finding your triggers and eliminating them is the answer to a back pain-free life.


In this episode Dr. Sinett answers these questions and more:

– How is there is a direct link between diet and back pain?
– What are the three causes of chronic inflammation resulting in back pain?
– How does someone determine whether their back pain is related to diet or some other cause?
– Are there specific signs or symptoms?
– How did you come up with the meal plans in your book and what tips do you have for how to use them effectively?
– What are superfoods and how do you use them in the meal plans?

For more information and to order his book visit:

Your Health & Fitness Coach,

Steve Jordan

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