Rachel McClusky Will Help You Connect Through Movement and Recharge/ EP 60

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Rachel Recharged (formerly Twenty-Something Talks) is a blog written for millennials (and anyone who is willing to relate) navigating through the challenges of “adulting”, primarily within the realm of health and wellness. This online journal was created with the intention to create change and help people be true to themselves and connect to their inner goddess.
Rachel is an LA-based fitness professional. She teaches group fitness and multiple studios and believes that powerful change can be created through movement. With a background as a singer/songwriter, her connection to music comes through in her classes.
She is NASM certified, spin, and groupex certified. She creates events for women to connect to their intentions, purpose, and inner light.

In this episode Rachel talks about:

  • Her career shift from a musician into health and fitness
  • Exercise to feel better not to look better
  • Have self-compassion and nurture a positive self-body image
  • Put a positive spin on your day even if it’s not going well
  • Why the word “workout” has a negative meaning or can be intimidating
  • Recharge is a retreat for women to participate to move your body and build community 
  • The importance to create personal time to have more balance in your life
Instagram: @rachelrecharged
Your health & fitness coach,
Steve Jordan

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