Paleo f(x) CEO Michelle Norris

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Paleo f(x)™ is an organization dedicated to three interrelated goals:
  1. To create the world’s best holistic health and wellness event.
  2. To inspire and empower individuals everywhere to find optimal health and flourish.
  3. To create a forum where ancestral health ideas can be turned into real­ world practices that improve human wellbeing.
First and foremost, we are an event. We seek to provide our attendees with a valuable and unforgettable Paleo f(x)™ experience. Our mission includes equipping our attendees not just with the knowledge and insights needed for great health but also with the inspiration and support to act. Finally, Paleo f(x)™ is a forum—the largest of its kind—where the theory of Ancestral Health turns into the practices that allow great health to flourish.
Michelle is a former corporate warrior, trained chef and multi-potentialite whose personal health issues and struggles with traditional medical orthodoxy inspired her to upend the way the world tackles health, wellness, and prosperity.  She soon became one of  Paleo’s most outspoken evangelists, then co-founded and is now CEO of Paleo f(x)™, the largest Paleo event in the world.  She’s a passionate speaker, motivator and guiding light to those seeking deliverance from a broken healthcare system and disabled economic system.  Having left the corporate grind far behind, she is now a serial entrepreneur in the health and wellness space, and a tireless firebrand for advancing the Paleo movement; a cultural reawakening of self-empowerment for the 21st century.
Having survived the death of her 22-year-old daughter, Michelle knows what it’s like to fight back from an overwhelming loss.  Instead of wallowing in self-pity, she used tragedy as a catalyst for her to “put up or shut up”, and follow through with her vision of leaving the economic status quo behind, and becoming a self-made entrepreneur.  All this, at the pit of the housing market crash of 2008.  Her belief, you can always find beauty among the ashes.

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