Overcome Allergies Using A Technique Called A.R.T. Allergy Relief Therapy Created by Amy Thieringer/ Ep 52

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Amy Thieringer is a board-certified Nutrition and Health Coach who created A.R.T. Allergy Release Technique®. A.R.T. is an integrative approach and treatment of food allergies. Over the last twelve years, Amy has worked with over three hundred children to conquer their seemingly incurable food allergies—giving them hope where traditional medicine gives up.


In addition to her extensive training with a naturopath, Amy has expertise in different healing modalities including Electrical Dermal Screening, Allergy Elimination Technique, Neural Modulation Technique, Eden Energy Medicine, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Amy developed A.R.T. by piecing together the most relevant and helpful aspects of her various training in combination with her years of observing the needs and progress of her patients. A.R.T. uses a combination of Acupressure, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Immunotherapy so that patients can eat the foods or be exposed to the environmental allergens that would have previously caused intensive allergic reactions, including anaphylaxis. Allergy Release Technique holistic therapy supports patients with a unique, proven, safe, and graduated method that over time empowers them to eat, play, and live free of allergies.


In this podcast we discuss:

  • Identifying the elements that stress the immune system and how critical it is to empty the allergy “bucket”.
  • To find your allergy triggers it’s important to assess the immune system, the digestion, lymphatic, hepatic, adrenal and nervous system.
  • Your success depends on a true commitment to the process and the therapist so that immune support and food introduction are done consistently.
  • Affirmations including I AM….for healing allergies and creating a positive mindset including.
  • And much more


A.R.T. Patient Testimonial: Our daughter, Tara’s, experience with Amy was truly life-changing.  She went from having an anaphylactic reaction to cashews for which she was hospitalized, to eating an unlimited amount of the five nuts she was allergic to on a daily basis.  The entire process was seamless.  Tara never had a hint of a reaction and was completely cleared in 16 months.  She is now a typical teenager who eats whatever she wants without worry.  (She even went on a school trip to Quebec recently, something that was not even a possibility before seeing Amy.)  We are forever grateful to Amy and the A.R.T.® process! -Kathleen


For more information about A.R.T. Allergy Relief Traning visit http://allergyart.com

Your health & fitness coach,

Steve Jordan



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