Meditation 5 To Thrive Fridays – Steve Jordan

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Meditation 5 To Thrive Fridays

With these 5 To Thrive Friday techniques of meditating you’ll be able to find the peace, the balance and the focus that will help improve your health & fitness.

My goal with these meditation 5 To Thrive Fridays tips is to give you everything you need to start a meditation practice to become more productive. Meditation is a simple practice, but it’s one that seems intimidating to many. This article focuses on meditation as it relates to productivity, and reduces meditation to its most basic elements. My goal with it is to provide a simple overview of everything you need to start meditating today.


  • Meditating for 20 minutes a day has been proven to have both health & fitness benefits. Meditate frequently (every day if possible), even if that just means sitting for a few minutes focusing on your breathing.
  • Start with short durations (2-5 minutes) to build on. If you meditate for 20 minutes right from the start, I can almost guarantee that you will get frustrated and discouraged. I recommend starting with 2 minutes, and only increasing that time when you’re able to feel comfortable. Even if you sit for 3 minutes, and you find that your mind wanders the whole time, you will still receive incredible benefits.
  • Use a soothing alarm. If your alarm is loud and jarring, the alarm will disrupt your peace after meditation. Pick a sound on your iPhone alarm that is just right for you. Here’s an online timer you can use.
  • Meditate in a quiet place. Having fewer distractions around you will naturally allow you to concentrate better, and will make your meditation much more productive.
  • Be easy on yourself when your mind wanders. It’s easy to become frustrated with yourself when your mind wanders, but don’t. Your meditations will be much more productive when you gently bring your attention back.

Yours in health & fitness,

Steve Jordan

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