Fuel Your Hopes

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Sunshine and rainbows coming out your @$$ is only in fairytales.

Fuel Your Hopes

Almost every day I read, listen or watch something that helps me to keep a positive attitude and Fuel My Hopes. I don’t wake up naturally with sunshine and rainbows gleaming out of my you know what….@$$!  I too also have to work at staying positive, but it has and is more natural for me today then it ever has been. I rarely give up and being a positive person is at the core of who I am.

You have everything within you now to have and to do more in life.

Think about it for minute. What holds you back from living your life to the fullest? Maybe your not where you want to be in your career yet. You thought you were going to get that promotion or raise and you didn’t.  Or you haven’t lost the weight you’ve been trying to lose. Maybe you’re single or recently got divorced, but really want to be in a stable relationship. If you focus on these temporary circumstances, it opens the door to negativity and limits your opportunities to get what you really desire in life.

In a few days we’ll be watching the most important awards ceremony for actors and entertainers called the Oscars. When we see these “Stars”, many who I’ve had the honor and privilege to coach, you’ll see them only in a positive manner. The “glow” that attracts you and everyone else in the world to them on the biggest night of the year in their career or lives is often temporary. Many and if not all of them have the same negative voices that creep into their minds that limit them from being, having and doing more. However, I know without a shadow of doubt all of them have found ways to overcome and fill their minds with only the positive thoughts that helped get them to this outstanding place professionally.

In my experiences working with these “Stars”, I’ve seen and heard the other side of their stories. Some of them have been homeless, broke and out of luck. And those experiences and negative emotions have a way of creeping back into their minds, even after they have the success. In my coaching and obviously at the right time, I would say them just like this, “You are perfect and whole today and always. You have and possess everything you need to be your best self. And you or I will not settle for less! So let’s get going and move it out! Are you with me?!” And they would say, “Yes!” But I often have to repeat this mantra over and over again within a session or during the life of our coaching relationship to keep reinforcing the positive emotion and thoughts.

The “Stars” that I’ve trained throughout my career are no different than you or I. We all are human. We all hurt. We all want to be loved. We all have fears. It’s just that some of us know how to stop those negative thoughts at the door of our minds and keep finding coaches, mentors, books, podcasts, speakers, events or other resources to motivate and/or inspire us to be better.

So my hope and wish are that I did that for you today with this blog. This is what I  tell my client’s when they walk into my private training studio on day one and what I am telling you,

“For the 1/2 hr or 1 hr that I work with you, we are going to use exercise for the mind and body coaching. The results don’t happen in here. The results happen when you walk out that door and play the game of life for the additional 23 hrs of the day or until I see you next. In our sessions, you’ll learn the processes to make better decisions to transform your mind and body. And that’s how we roll! Are you with me?” Great!

Please let this blog give you the reassurance that you’re not alone. Yes, you are absolutely unique and that’s the beauty in each of us, but you’re not that different than the rest of us.

Here are my 3 resources that I use daily to help me stay at the top of my game that hopefully you too might find valuable to “Fuel Your Hope.”

Yours in health & fitness,

Steve Jordan

Thank you for reading and visiting my site Trainer To The Stars! Please share with your family, friends, neighbors or co-workers if you’ve learned or felt this blog was motivating, inspiring or educational. Your shares and comments will help get the positive message out so together we can help the world shine bright and bolder!  You can learn more about my career and accomplishments at SteveJordan.com.




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