Everybody Deserves To Live With Bliss by Jess / Ep 56

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Jess had an obsession with her weight that began in high school. She and her best friend saved up all our lunch money to buy diet pills & the “As Seen on TV” electronic ab belt. She continued this obsession with her weight throughout college where she became so addicted to crash dieting.
This behavior continued into and out of college until she found peace during her travels overseas. Eventually, Jess moved to LA and started a career in event production and marketing.  While she loved the thrill, she grew resentful of the long hours, a constant state of stress and inability to find balance. She wasn’t enjoying her life! At this point, she was eating well and maintaining her weight, but began developing debilitating migraine headaches that made it impossible to go to work. Desperate for a solution, she visited several doctors who not only minimized her struggle but sent her home with heavy-duty painkillers that ended up actually fueling and intensifying the problem!
After weeks without relief, she decided to take matters into her own hands putting herself on a holistic eating plan and completely ridding her system of prescription medications. It was at that point Jess realized the extent to which lifestyle and our decisions around food are interconnected, and she decided to quit her job to pursue a career as a health coach.
Today she is free from diets, migraines, and marketing— and she’s never been happier! All of her ups and downs led her to create a more balanced life filled with real foods that taste amazing and exercise that’s always enjoyable. It’s been six years since she lost 40 lbs and broke free from restriction, and she’s here in this podcast to share this BLISS with you! 

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