Live With Purpose and Strength with Rodney Corn

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Rodney Corn is the Director of Education for the world’s premiere brand of strength training equipment and education Eleiko. With over 30 years in the Health and Fitness Industry, he has been influencing and learning from thousands of amazing people on 4 different continents. He’s logged extensive experience in a number of areas within the industry that include: – Personal Training – both in a club setting and owning my own studio – Sports Medicine clinics working with DO’s, DC’s, PT’s, massage therapists, etc. – Strength & Conditioning for high school, collegiate, professional, and Olympic Athletes- Researcher in areas of movement and aging – Education & Content Development for 3 globally recognized educational organizations: 1-NASM – Personal Training Certification (CPT), Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES), numerous CE courses 2-PTA Global (Co-Founder and former COO) – Personal Training Certification (CPT), Behavior Change in Exercise (BCE), Exercise & Stress Management (ESM), numerous CE courses3-Eleiko (Director Eleiko Education) – CURRENT POSITION- International Presenter / Lecturer / Educator / Author / ConsultantSpecialties:- Training and Education- Content and Curriculum Development- Teaching, Coaching, and Mentoring- Movement, Behavior, and Program Design Co-Founder of:- PTA Global – SOMA (Self Osteo Myofascial Applications)

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