Embodied Leadership With Dr. Brian Paris

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About Dr. Paris:  

Bios are funny because they show us much more about what we have done versus who we truly are, our essence.  Upon completion of this bio, I hope you’re touched, moved, and inspired to be the best version of yourself.

What I’ve done…I’ve educated myself, and continuously educate myself in all corners of movement, physiology, psychology, nutrition, spirituality, nature, and even quantum physics.  I am tirelessly committed to learn and experiment (on myself and willing others) on what helps us age gracefully, function optimally, and how to squeeze the juice out of life.

It all comes down to growth.  From business to relationships to parenting and self-care there are only lessons.  I’m either learning and growing or dying.

I support this lifestyle and for others with four essential pillars:


ENERGY: I’ve learned to resource my energy by being disciplined with my movement, nutrition, sleep, and psychology.  Adhering to balance as the goal.

EMOTION: I am an expressive, sensitive, kinesthetic, and feeling man.  My family of origin was not the “feeling” type.  This upbringing plus societal influence led me to a place where my “norm” was anxiety, codependence, and loneliness…all defenses from feeling my feelings.  I’ve dedicated the next chapter of my life to being connected to mySelf, feeling my feelings, responding to them, living my truth, and expressing it artfully.

EMBODIMENT: Embodied living is a beautiful alchemy of “resourced energy” and “emotional integration”.  I finely tune into my thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations for guidance and direction.  With a quiet mind, clear vision, and an open heart I can find my EDGE and face any challenge.

EDGE: Managing my energy, responding to my emotions, and alchemizing this into an embodied experience provides the framework to find and push my edges.  I apply this to all areas of my life…psychological, relationships, business, physical, spiritual…


Learn more about Dr. Brian Paris at DrBrianParis.com or follow him on Instagram @drbrianparis   

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