Ignite Your Best Life and Illuminate The World with Stephanie James

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Stephanie James can help you create a life that takes you, your goals, and your passions to the next level.  As you gift yourself with tapping into your full potential, you begin to transform all other areas in your life; your work, family, and self-concept are all positively affected.

As a psychotherapist, transformational life coach, presenter, radio show and podcast host, author, and filmmaker, Stephanie has experienced what it means to live fully lit up and fully alive.  She has gathered wisdom from some of the most amazing minds and serving hearts on the planet and has synthesized their wisdom with her own knowledge and experience to help amazing individuals, just like you, expand their vision of themselves and ignite their purpose. 

Her purpose is to bring as much love and healing to the world as possible. She knows that as we live as the greatest versions of ourselves, we illuminate the way for others to do the same. The unique light that is you was meant to shine bright in this world. 

Visit Stephanie at https://www.stephaniejames.world/, on Instagram, and her podcast.

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