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Adam Friedman is a sports performance coach and the founder of Los Angeles-based Advanced Athletics, Inc.
His mission is to empower people to become an Athlete For Life.
Adam has successfully trained and coached clients that include Olympic Gold Medalists in women’s basketball and Paralympics skiing; NBA, WNBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, AVP, WTA, MLS professionals; NBA shooting coaches; various boxing and fighting associations; and A-list entertainers (Oscar, Golden Globe, and Grammy winners).
He also provides his guidance through public speaking and online exercise programs.
Adam’s latest online program, Search And Rescue Mobility” or SARM, has easy-to-follow, daily exercise routines to correct and maintain your body’s foundation. So you can perform better, reduce the risk of injury and be athletic for life.
For a limited time, Adam is offering a 43% discount for the Whole Body program.
As a bonus gift to listeners of  “I AM HEALTHY AND FIT”, you will receive a FREE copy of the Advanced Athletic Sports Nutrition E-Book with your purchase. That’s because nutrition is a key holistic component of your recovery and health.
To get the program and a special bonus, visit:


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