The 7 Morning Habits Of Highly Successful People

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The 7 Morning Habits Of Highly Successful People

There so many different ways to help you succeed in any area of your life, but I’ve found these to be very effective, easy and simple. Here are the 7 that I recommend you implement to accelerate your chanced of having more success and fulfillment in your life.

  1. Stretch

  2. Make Your Bed

  3. Meditate and/or Set Intention For The Day

  4. Exercise For At Least 20 Minutes

  5. Eat A Large Breakfast

  6. Put A Smile On Your Face

  7. Write Down and/or Tell Someone 2 Things You Are Grateful For

I work with some of the most successful people in the world for my entire career dating all the back to 1997 when I was a personal trainer at the White House. Through these experiences I’ve picked up, I’ve listened, I’ve asked and I’ve seen 7 habits that help to keep these type A personalities feeling and looking good.

Stretch: When my client’s work and workout as hard as they do, they spend a few moments before getting out of bed stretching their body and their minds to ease into their day. Here’s the most basic stretch you can perform that will give you an extra bounce in your step.

Stretch in the morning

Make Your Bed: I know it sounds so silly and basic, but people who make their bed begin their day with a sense of achievement and accomplishment. Those who even have maids to help with mundane chores like this one, at the very least make it look neat rather than leaving the blankets or pillows a mess.

Meditate and/or Set Intention For The Day: “You can’t hit a target you can not see.” Mediating or setting an intention for your day allows you to see and act in a way that will set you up for success.

Exercise For At Least 20 Minutes: Exercise is a way to not only look good but feel good. Endorphins, serotonin and other chemicals released into your body from exercise are the gateway to your mood, attitude, and performance on the job. Getting your workout in first thing in the morning allows you to also focus your attention on the things that really matter in business.

Eat A Large Breakfast: Fasting is the new rave in Hollywood and I couldn’t agree more that intermittent fasting is not only great for the body but great for the mind. However, those that take the time to sit down and have a well-balanced breakfast perform better throughout their day. There’s a reason it’s been the number one meal most discussed for decades. Don’t skip it and make sure you eat like a King or Queen.

Put Smile On Your Face: Smile and the world smiles with you. This is not voodoo magic and it’s not for children. The most successful people smile. It’s a fact according to research. Smiling not only makes others around you feel welcome, at ease, engaged and even appreciated. Smiles help to lower your blood pressure, reduce your heart rate and even increase blood flow to the brain allowing you to figure out those complex business solutions that will change the world. Start smiling now!

Write Down and/or Tell Someone 2 Things You Are Grateful For Gratitude changes your attitude. The simple act of writing down or telling someone what you are grateful for starts the momentum of focusing on the right things. Executives and people in power need to focus on the right things to come to the right decision. Focus is like a muscle and focusing on the right things is a habit. You can get caught up in focusing on the wrong stuff and make some bad decisions. So start focusing on the things you are grateful for and you’ll find yourself making better decisions when they really matter.

The 7 Morning Habits Of Highly Successful People are habits and habits take repetition to create. Don’t give up, stay consistent, don’t make yourself wrong or beat yourself up if you forget to do any or all of the aforementioned. The reason why these clients are highly successful is that they’ve been doing these routines for a long time, maybe even a lifetime. So cut yourself some slack, but not too much. You’ll find your groove and maybe even create several new habits that work best for your lifestyle.

Yours in Health and Fitness,

Steve Jordan, BS, CSCS, CES, PES, CPT, HLC

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