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FIT™ (Fast Interval Training) is a program created by exercise and conditioning pro, Steve Jordan, designed to help virtually anyone achieve their performance goals. Whether you’re focused on reaching your potential in high school or collegiate sports or a weekend warrior still stoked by the fires of competition, this is your chance to benefit from the knowledge and experience of a celebrity trainer who has worked with some of the most talented athletes in the world.

Generating outstanding results in the shortest amount of time using cutting edge exercise science principles.

Generating outstanding results in the shortest amount of time using cutting edge exercise science principles.

The action of undertaking an exercises and eating plan designed for optimal health, fitness and sports performance. 

online FIT
Steve Jordan FIT

The Art and Science of Strength and Conditioning

Online FIT™ is a training paradigm in which low-intensity intervals are alternated with high-intensity intervals for 30 minutes or less. The program is a scientific tweak of interval training, a method of exercise long considered the most effective way to get in shape fast! FIT™ delivers far more dynamic results than traditional conditioning training due to the variation of intensity that enables you to increase both your aerobic (with oxygen) and anaerobic (without oxygen) endurance while burning more calories in a shorter amount of time.

Steve created FIT™ utilizing cutting-edge scientific research and data and 20+ years of experience designing health and fitness programs for everyone from professional baseball players and famous celebrities to the most influential people in government and business.

FITTM Results

  • Burn as much as 50% more fat than a low intensity workout
  • Build muscle, increase flexibility and maximize athletic performance
  • Speed up your metabolism to burn more calories at rest (EPOC) – Excess Post Exercise Oxygen
  • Boost energy levels, cardiovascular health and endurance
  • Eliminate stress and improve posture and confidence

Why FITTM For Strength and Conditioning, For Sports, and For Life?

The FIT™ online interval-training program is proven to deliver results you can see and feel in the gym, on the field and in almost any area of your life. The same programs and principles have been applied in Steve’s private training studio in Los Angeles to help shape and change the lives of the world’s most influential people, and it can do the same for you! After a six-week cycle of FIT™ combined with the FIT™ eating program, you and those around you are sure to see significant improvements in your body as well as your mind.

Fast Interval Training literally “fits” into even the busiest schedules, delivering hard-core results in the shortest amount of time. Each individual FIT™ program is designed for a specific goal, need and ability, whether you’re interested in the LAX-FIT™ workout for lacrosse players, Abs-FIT™ for the perfect beach body or Surf-FIT™ for those who want to master the Sport of Kings.


  • Athletes aspiring for greatness on the field of play
  • Individuals plagued by injuries and limited by pain and fatigue
  • Anyone struggling to keep off excess weight and live a healthier lifestyle
  • People with big dreams and only a little extra time to achieve them

Know Your Body Mass Index (BMI)

Knowing your BMI is an easy place to start understanding your current health and fitness statistics. A simple assessment that takes just a few seconds can provide knowledge that will help you for a lifetime.

Take a few moments to find out what your current BMI is to see where you are on the index chart. If you’re overweight, underweight or just need to be more fit, then my FIT™ online workout programs are a great place to start.

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