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When you’re searching for an off-season workout program for lacrosse, LAX-FIT™ (Fast Interval Training) is the answer. Created by world-renowned personal trainer and health and wellness professional Steve Jordan, this dynamic fitness regimen is designed to help dedicated male or female athletes of all ages and skill levels elevate their on-field performance. If you’re serious about playing your best and reaching your full potential, LAX-FIT™ delivers quick results you and your coaches will see, and the competition will fear!

The Power of LAX-FITTM For Lacrosse Athletes

Interval training has long been recognized as the most efficient way to improve fitness and transform your body in the shortest period of time. Steve Jordan utilized cutting-edge scientific research and data combined with 20+ years training experience to design an innovative workout that takes interval training to the next level. In this 6-week online strength and conditioning program, low-intensity intervals are alternated with high-intensity intervals for the most effective training sessions you’ve ever experienced in 30 minutes or less. LAX-FIT™ is a specialized workout for lacrosse players delivering the variation to increase aerobic (with oxygen) and anaerobic (without oxygen) endurance while shredding calories at an accelerated pace.


Lacrosse athletes require more than just a good aerobic base. Anaerobic energy systems are even more important for providing the short, quick bursts of activity needed to sprint back on defense to catch an attacking player or beat a defender to the net. LAX-FIT™ focuses on the entire athlete—your strength, explosiveness and ability to recover—not just aerobic conditioning as other off-season lacrosse workouts do.

With LAX-FITTM You Benefit From:

Helps you outlast and outperform the competition.

To avoid muscle injuries and get up to speed faster.

To be able to execute skills with precision.

To become the game breaker you want to be.

To absorb impacts and hold your ground when things get physical.

To win the individual battles.

For faster reactions and increased agility.

To make the biggest impact when the game is on the line.

Be LAX-FITTM With Steve

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