Build Your Abs From The Inside Out

Abs-FIT™ is the perfect program to build a “V-taper” and make your abs pop. Getting Abs-FIT™ is about making sacrifices, committing to a higher standard for your fitness and taking action today, not tomorrow or the next day.

While training other parts of your body should never be forgotten, Abs-FIT™ is designed to concentrate on the abs and build fitness momentum so you can build a solid foundation for your health and fitness. The idea of isolating muscle groups and increasing the volume for the Abs is backed by research. The Ab muscles have a tremendous amount of endurance and need to be stimulated with the principle I called “TUT” or Time Under Tension.

TUT is the secret formula I created in Abs-FIT™ and is the Hollywood secret I’ve been using to train my celebrity and “Star” clients.

Steve Jordan

In each workout your program will focus on:

You have to get length before you get strength. This is another secret that I am filling you in on. Flexibility is essential for a toned stomach and ripped Abs!

Each exercise offers an opportunity for you to re-wire your mind and body connection to create exercise efficiency and focus. This is an essential element of training any muscle, but especially the Abs.

Every workout I programmed different exercises, sets, reps, order and rest to create muscle confusion. Muscle confusion allows for the muscles to continually have to adapt, change and transform using the principle of SAID or specific adaptations to imposed demands. Simply said, your body will adjust and adhere to the demands you put on it.

As with all my programs, Abs-FIT™ offers you a variety of progressive movements that allow for a functional base to prevent injury or over stress an area creating imbalances.

Be ABS-FITTM With Steve

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